WISI 2019

Workshop on Industrial Security and IoT (WISI)

to be held in conjunction with the 14 th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security
(ARES 2019 – http://www.ares-conference.eu )

August 26 – August 29, 2019, Canterbury, UK

The factory of the future requires an effective interconnection of machinery, robots, lines, products, sensors and operators to each other and to back-end systems. The industrial propagation environment may also be harsh, mostly metalized, and suffering from man-made, impulsive interference. Industrial IoT priorities are security, low latency, reliability and low cost. However, smart factories are also looking for enhanced services for people and machines that create an added value that is beyond the limits of the production environment, such as indoor localisation, smart logistic support, remote maintenance and access to machine data and advanced IT infrastructure, smart tracking of connected components and products.

In this workshop we invite papers to discuss security demands of Industry 4.0, as well as specific security tools and methods, which enable interconnection of engineering activities at multiple levels of security and safety, in order to improve system resilience and to support security lifecycle management.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

Dependability design methods for IoT
Resilient system architecture pattern and concepts and HW-based solutions for safe & secure IoT
Scalable and efficient crypto algorithm for IoT
Useable security
Strategic Security Assurance
Automated test case generation

Operational Security Assurance
Life-cycle data management for IIoT
Secure Connectivity
Traceability of components and systems throughout life-cycle
Security by Isolation

Important Dates
Submission Deadline May 15, 2019
Author Notification June 10, 2019
Proceedings Version June 23, 2019
ARES EU Symposium August 26, 2019
Conference August 26 – August 29, 2019

Security lifecycles for smart mobility and smart production
Christoph Schmittner, Scientist, Security & Communication Technologies Center for Digital Safety & Security, AIT, Austria

Wednesday 28.08.2019, 12:00-13:00

Abstract : Due to the increasing complexity, interconnection and automation of all domains there is an increasing need for secure and dependable systems. Two important domains are smart mobility and smart production. Both domains are tackling these challenges with the development of guidance on how to develop secure systems and interconnect this guidance with existing guidance on the development of safe systems.

This keynote gives an overview about ongoing developments in smart mobility and smart production regarding security and safety standards, describes open challenges and present potential approaches.

Mr. Christoph Schmittner received his M.Sc. in System and Software Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg in 2013. His main research area is safety and security co-engineering. He works on safety, security analysis and co-analysis methods, connected and safety critical / fault & intrusion tolerant system architectures, functional safety and cybersecurity standards and inter-dependence of safety and security in critical systems. He is involved in multiple European and National research projects and leads the Austrian participation in ISO/SAE 21434 “road vehicles – cybersecurity engineering”

Program Chair/ Workshop Chair

Stefan Jaksic , AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Julia Pammer , SBA Research

Program Committee

Omar Veledar, AVL List
Raphael Spreitzer, SGS Digital Trust Services GmbH
Katharina Pfeffer, SBA Research
Lukas Krammer, Siemens AG Oesterreiche
Mario Lamberger, NXP Semiconductors
Ezio Bartocci, Vienna University of Technology
Dejan Nickovic, Austrian Institute of Technology AIT
Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt, Salzburg Research
Christoph Schmittner, Austrian Institute of Technology
Thomas Loruenser, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Rupert Schlick, AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Christos Thomos, Infineon Austria
Edin Arnautovic, TTTech
Rudolf Ramler, Software Competence Center Hagenberg
Peter Priller, AVL List GmbH
Sebastian Ramacher, Graz University of Technology
Radu Grosu, TU Wien
Christoph Striecks, AIT Austria
Muhammad Shafique, Vienna University of Technology
Willibald Krenn, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Mario Drobics, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Submission Guidelines

The submission guidelines valid for the workshop are the same as for the ARES conference. They can be found at https://www.ares-conference.eu/conference/submission/ .